Floral Pop ~ Blossoms~ Photoshop Brushes

Ok. . . This is it!!! The final set of the Floral Pop Series. These are all High Resolution Brushes. . . 89 brushes and they are all pictured here. They include blossoms and leaves as well

These Brushes are royalty free so you can use these for anything you want.
The set is still just $1


Let me know is there are any brushes that you would like to see in the future. . . and keep checking back for more to come soon. 🙂

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Floral Pop II Photoshop Brushes

Ok. Here they are. the Floral Pop II Set is here. 20 super High Resolution Flower photoshop brushes. They are royalty free for any use!!!

This set is also $1.00.

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Wedding photos, photoshop action, floral pop photoshop brushes!!!

Well. . . I have been busy editing photos from a wedding i just shot. I will put up some of my favorites. . . there are just sooooooooo many pictures. . . pictures should be up in the next few days and i will include a wedding action as well. . .

Also Floral Pop II Photoshop brushes are almost ready!!! I can’t wait to release them. . . Here is one picture of just one of the brushes. . .

They should all be up by tomorrow!!! YAY!!!

Floral Pop Photoshop Brushes

25 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes. $1.00 via PayPal

Do you like what you see. . . if you want a certain type of photoshop brush I can make them for you. Just tell me what you want to see next either in a comment or at: LadyAmalthea12@yahoo.com

Use these brushes for your Advertising, Scrapbooking, Photography, etc.

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Forth of July

Well It was my first time attempting to shoot fireworks. . . I think I did OK!!!

What a good Time. . . and Boat Traffic is sooooooooo much better than street traffic!!!

Lily (Lillian Von Finkle Stein Reuben)

Ok. . . Lily has to be the Cutest Dog in the World.

And before our eyes, little Lillian Von Finkle stein Reuben Borkowski-Kach has more than doubled in size. . . But she is still cute and tiny (and will be) forever!!!

Chewing her little beef stick!!!

This is lily’s first swimming lesson!!! I think she is looking at me for help!!!

Hanging out with Great Grandma!

A little playtime for the teething little monster!!!

I’m gonna get you KEYS!!!

Quietly waiting at the bottom of the stairs with my alien eyes!!!

I think this is my favorite. . . Lily is FILTHY after rolling around in puddles at my moms house.  She looks super tired from being crazy. . .

Catching up on June and July

Ok. . . well I haven’t posted in a while. So I am going to catch up on things that happened in June and July with photos.

Mark and I got a new Puppy. . . Lillian Von Finkle Stein Reuben. . . then I finally got to take pictures of Aiden, my Godson. And I also Painted marks office and my office. . . All Kinds of pictures for the next few days. . .

Jerrys house

About two weekends ago, me and mark went to a guy Jerry’s house. He has only Left-Handed Guitars so mark was in heaven.

This guy had 22 cats and 3 dogs. WOW!!!

I really like their backyard.


Mark swimming

These pictures are great!!! Mark decided to take a swim. Pretty sun rays too.

Queen of Spades, Dog, Cherub, Lavender Dreams, Into the Woods (Illustrations)

Well I am cleaning out my computer and backing files up so I have come across some illustrations. I love photoshop. Here are some of my illustrations from last year!!!

If you want to use any of these Illustrations in Publications (signature removed) please e-mail me at LadyAmalthea12@yahoo.com 🙂

Queen of Spades

 Happy Dog


Lavender Dreams

Into the Woods

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