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Lily’s Haircut

Ok. . . I couldn’t help it. I had to take pictures of this little clown. I’m not a big fan of frou frou bows and stuff. . . but she looked sooooooooooo cute. I love this dog.



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Ok. . . Now tell you you don’t see the smile on her face. . . I’ve never seen a dog smile so big.

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Lily (Lillian Von Finkle Stein Reuben)

Ok. . . Lily has to be the Cutest Dog in the World.

And before our eyes, little Lillian Von Finkle stein Reuben Borkowski-Kach has more than doubled in size. . . But she is still cute and tiny (and will be) forever!!!

Chewing her little beef stick!!!

This is lily’s first swimming lesson!!! I think she is looking at me for help!!!

Hanging out with Great Grandma!

A little playtime for the teething little monster!!!

I’m gonna get you KEYS!!!

Quietly waiting at the bottom of the stairs with my alien eyes!!!

I think this is my favorite. . . Lily is FILTHY after rolling around in puddles at my moms house.  She looks super tired from being crazy. . .